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 is excited to announce that we've partnered with LifeSpan Fitness to be a provider of their revolutionary 'office fitness' products.  They have an unbelievable lineup of workplace solutions for the fitness-minded. 

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Focal Upright Furniture is a leader in promoting healthy office environments and is in the vanguard of the 
​stand up office revolution.
​For more information on their products including the revolutionary 'Mogo'
Focal Upright Furniture

Alpha Better Stand Up Desks 

The Safco AlphaBetter® Desk is giving students the ability to sway through their school day with its patented Swinging Pendulum™ Footrest Bar. The desk and Footrest Bar allows students to stand and move, helping to burn excess energy, calories and potentially helping them focus. It gives students a New Way to Play by allowing them to naturally fidget, providing movement they may no longer get during physical education classes, recess or at home. Even these small movements can be beneficial to a student's activity level, and may help them live a healthier lifestyle.

$250 w/0 bookbox

$299 w/ bookbox

LifeSpan Fitness​