Where did come from? was started to combat obesity and fatigue and to make a dent in the size of people's butts. Simple steps can be taken to eliminate the sedentary lifestyle that many have become accustomed to - starting with the way we work.

Many people in the United States spend at least a quarter of their week
sitting at a desk in front of a computer. The 'sit and behave' habit was instilled upon us when we were children, but studies are now showing that simple changes to one's work habits can greatly improve lifestyles.

Enter the stand up desk...
In addition to allowing you to be fit while you work, Stand up desks allow individuals to increase productivity and creativity
because of increased blood flow. We designed this site as educational resource for Human Resource professionals, company executives looking to improve workplace morale and productivity, and most importantly, anybody looking to improve how they feel and how they work.

Dean McLellan, Co-Founder Dean has a background in investment management and has worked at Fidelity, Merrill Lynch, and A. G. Edwards.

​He can be reached at or 978-465-2109


Rama Valianti, CEO & Co-Founder
Rama has a background in Mortgage Banking, Environmental Sales and Recycling, social and political action, holistic health, competitive sports and motivational speaking.  He is currently a top-producing Sales Representative for one of the largest solar energy companies in Massachusetts. He is trained and certified in personal fitness training, massage therapy and has been a yoga practitioner and teacher for 23 years.  He is passionate about helping people be the best they can be.

He can be reached at or 781-244-0186